An amazing week

In the English week we had a lot of fun by playing games, doing sports like rugby, baseball and American football. Our native speakers, called Pip, Maya, Amelia, Tom and Chris were extremely  nice and they taught us to speak English fluently. We sang songs what was one of our favourite activities. We also really liked the games “Maze” and “Ten”.

In this week we had fun by teaching them German and telling them something about Austria. For travelling and sports we got some books with worksheets in it to complete exercises, but we think they were really easy.

On Thursday we went to the computer room to visit the virtuell classroom. There we can chat with our native speaker when we have problems with the homework.

Every day we practiced some dramas in a team to show them our parents and the younger students on Friday.

We enjoyed this week with our native speakers very much.


                                                                               Leonie Rauch and Marie Girlinger